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Headhunting Service
One, service principle:
Firstly, Abide by various government relevant regulations and the principle of fair competition strictly.
Secondly, All information that involve the candidates and customers will be kept secret strictly. We will not reveal customers’ name until we confirm the potential candidate .
Thirdly, The company that have regular business connection with our company won’t be in the scope of our hunt.
Fourthly, We will respect each talent and we won’t reveal any relevant data to the customer without your permission. At the same time, we will keep secret for the customer’s company name before they decide to interview the candidate that they are interested in.
Fifthly, We carry on the personal interview to each candidate and promise not to provide the candidate to two customers at the same time.
Sixthly, We hope the company can give an explicit reply to the personal interview in three working days. In order that we can further look for the most suited person, please give us the reason if you veto candidate.
Seventhly, After our successful recommendation, we will still keep the communication between the presentee and the customer to make the presentee work stably and exert the best benefit.
Eighthly, We insure to accept two sides’ benefits between the company and the talents that we serve. As for the standard of charge, we will charge strictly according to the agreement to the company, but to the talents, we serve for free.
Two, Service item
Firstly, the single item entrusts to hunt a service: This is a single item that aims at the concrete post of one company to provide the service mainly. To different post, we adopt different standard of charge according to the post of high or low, the job district, and difficult or easy degree etc.
Secondly, the long-term entrusts to hunt a service: The company can combine their human resource strategic need with BDL Headhunting to sign an agreement for several posts in order to cooperate over a long period of time. The standard of charge depends on the different specific posts to decide the long-term standard of charge. This service includes the common post and the secondary and senior post(but not include the special high post of the company). This service is suitable for the company that demands great capacity of posts annually and that is in the consultation and that they demand several section managers or special technical talents.
Thirdly, The customer entrusts job advertisement: Accepting the customer’s commission is divided into two kinds: The first, Invite the talents in everyplace of the whole country(such as Qingdao, Guangzhou, Peking, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Yinchuan, Nanking, Haerbin, Weihai)and publish the job advertisement on the relevant medium of each big cities in our country for the customer. The second, Make use of the talents website to carry on the on-line job advertisement that is to promulgate: the demand information on the net (The monthly salary must be over 2500RMB). We will tidy up the receiving resume according to customer’s concrete request then deliver it again to the customers in order to ease their personnel sections pressure. Under the general circumstance, if only the company fax <<the form of the company demands talents of the year>> to us, we can sign the contact with you. It is no need to sign the contract again and pay the down payment for each post.
Fourthly, The service of investigating the information and the talents: BDL Headhunting accept the customer’s commission to carry on the personnel inquisition to the interview personnel, the incumbency party or a certain section’s representative of the competitory rival. The customer provide the contract method of the party, then we will carry on the service by the way of letter, telephone and interview, etc.
Three, the business procedure
The first step: Accept the commission: The company needs to fill in “the job advertisement authorization letter” and “the post manual that are provided by BDL uniformly on line or by fax. The company also needs to provide its background data and the copy of the business license, then sign the confirmation. On the foundation, BDL Headhunting analyze the customers’ needs and verify their basic circumstance in order to visit the talents that are suitable for the customer successfully and make them melt into customers’ enterprise soon. Such as customers’ history background, value, mechanism and system circumstances, the station of the same industry and the business status of profit and loss etc. Make work analysis for the vacant post with the customer together and set down the responsibility of the post, the qualifications of holding a post and the salary levels.
The second step: Accept an deal with the commission : on the foundation of the mutual trust and benefit, both parties negotiate the specific details of entrusting to hunt a service then sign the contract to nail down the need of time and expenses.
The third step: Plan and put it into practice: BDL Headhunting combine the actual request of post and set down detailed search project for the talents. Make full use of the abundant candidate database resources and the network advantage well and contact with the latent candidate.
The fourth step: The early filtration: The adviser group of Headhunting analyze and discriminate the contactile candidate’s information, including the state of the company that the candidate works, job achievement, the satisfaction of job, the potential motivation of demission, salary request, then filtrate the candidate that meet the customer’s request.
The fifth step: Provide the evaluation report: The advisor group of Headhunting make test and personal interview for the contactile candidates, mainly evaluate their respect-work spirit, management ability, operation ability, character type and the inducement of demission etc, then provide written evaluation report for the customer.
The sixth step: Arrange to interview the candidate: Arrange the interview of the candidate and the customer reasonably with the permission of the customer and the candidate and both parties to reach the consensus of the concrete employment condition actively.
The seventh step: The follow-up service and the track service: Provide the follow-up service for the customer and help both parties to resolve the problems appeared in the probationership so that the candidate can work smoothly in the company.
Four, BDL Headhunting’s standard of charge,
Conventionally, we take in 25-33% salary of the hunted talent’s first-year (including wages, bonus, welfare, subsidy etc). According to the visit of difficult of easy degree and the customer’s concrete circumstances, we can make an appropriate adjustment after both parties friendly negotiation.
Firstly, the deposit of commission: It can be used to guarantee the truth of the post’s job advertisement and prevent the presentee’s intellective property right from being filched. It also can be used as the early expenditure. The amount of money is 30% of the total commission.
Secondly, we start to visit and recommend two or three candidates when the company sign this agreement with us.
Thirdly, Pay the expense: After signing the agreement, you should pay the deposit of commission in two days. Then we start to work formally. Or else, the contract will be lapsed automatically if you don’t pay the deposit in five days. Once you pass the interview, you should pay all our surplus expenses within one week.
Fourthly, the assurance of trial
BDL Headhunting guarantee that the period of trial is three months for the candidate that the customer employed. We will recommend another suitable persion to the same post for free to the final success if the candidate relieve the labor contract with the company due to his own reason in this period.
Fifth, The concrete interrelated details can be negotiated in both parties’ draft of <<talents commission agreement>>.
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