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www.51bdl.com and their provided services are useful for the job seeker himself, the enterprise (the society employer unit, university and college) particularly. Any kind of users of this website are inhibited by the following items of this agreement.
www.51bdl.com can modify the agreement’s contents and don’t promise that it must notify the customer after modification. If the users don’t agree with the modified contents of the agreement, they should notify the website after they knew what had happened, then the user will no longer be inhibited by the agreement and his possessed membership and service will be paused. Those users that continue to use www.51bdl.com will be viewed as that they agreed on the modified contents of the agreement.
One, the website’s usage item (click the button of “I agree” means that you agree on the agreement and enter the member’s registration interface)
Firstly, Personal member must agree to use www.51bdl.com for the legal purpose only, the job seeker’s resume will be stored in the database of www.51bdl.com.
Secondly, Personal member must agree that the website of www.51bdl.com can recommend the talents by adopting its personal information. The website doesn’t be responsible for any dissension between any company and personals.
Thirdly, the registering company must be responsible for the accuracy of the contents of www.51bdl.com and other connected pages. Our website has the right to modify the registered company’s job advertisement in order to match our demand and we have the right to delete any illegal, insult and unhealthy information.
Two, Prohibitive Item
www.51bdl.com can only use for the legal purpose, that is to say, it is only useful for the personal to look for occupation, for the employer to look for employee, for the talents exchange between the college and the enterprise, for the agency service, for inquiring about the business of management and consultation and the training course and the operation demand of the human resource.
www.51bdl.com prohibits any other purposes definitely and requests all users to agree on the following items:
Firstly, Any user may not announce uncompleted, illusive, fraudulent information in the resume and may not announce the data that not belongs to the resume, such as the business advertisement or other contents. This website will pause or terminate the service for any user if we confirm that he disobeyed a certain provision of the website usage item.
Secondly, we strictly prohibit any user attempting to infringe upon the website of www.51bdl.com, including logging in unauthorized use of server or accounts, unauthorized access to database of this website, unauthorized attempts to explore, test, or break down the security measures of this website and its system, attempts to interfere with the services provided by the website to the user and sending our e-mails which are not be admitted by the related users to the users( including advertisements or services).
Two, Trademark, Copyright etc.
Qingdao BDL headhunting website (Qingdao BDL enterprise management service limited company) owns the copyright of this website’s all writing contents, pictures, charts and resources.
All information published in this website in addition to special marks, its copyright is owned by Qingdao BDL headhunting website and is protected by the Chinese copyright law and international treaty. Any units or personal may not copy or replicate, distribute or quote any of the contents without obtaining prior written consent from our website. Otherwise our company will pursue its law responsibility.
Three, irresponsibility item
Firstly, www.51bdl.com makes no warranties about the absolute accuracy and integrality of all information, graphic, text, chain connection and other items, so we ask the visitors to use it for reference.
Secondly, the website of www.51bdl.com can’t guarantee to run faultlessly in long-term and the company makes no warranties that the website and its servers is free of computer viruses or other harmful elements. Our company doesn’t take the related responsibility if the user loses the data while using this website.
Four, Especial Statement
<<Qingdao BDL Headhunting website’s service agreement for user>> and its modification right, explanation right are owned by Qingdao BDL Headhunting enterprise management service limited company.
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